Real estate consultancy

The real estate market is in a very changeable situation. The current circumstance and the excess of supply in some areas recommends advice by a professional for real estate management. We study the market in your area: special offering and stock in the hands of banks that are direct competitors of your property.

We help you in commercializing your property.

  • Ask a pre-valuation of your property. At what price can sell or rent your apartments, commercial spaces and offices in Barcelona? Call us and one of our technicians will evaluate your property.
  • Do you have buildings in vertical property? Want to make the horizontal division? We take care of all the arrangements until the registration in the Real Estate Registry.

Want to invest in Barcelona or Catalonia?

Selection of properties in Barcelona

  • We have construction land available for investors in Barcelona (Residential and for services).
  • Commercial spaces and offices in Barcelona Prime area.
  • Apartments for rent in Barcelona.

Other Locations

  • Our Property portfolio will change in time.
  • Please let us know your preferred lacation and will try to find you the better options.
  • La Costa Brava is one of our opertations areas.
  • We have luxury properties in S'Agaró Available.

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