Real estate investment

In Arquitectura Residencial we manage both big and small real estate investments: from the particular, ‘cause the purchase of your house is, in many cases, the investment of your life, to the company looking to invest in buildings or land to build in Barcelona and surroundings.

If you don’t find the property you need in our properties portfolio, we’ll search it for you through custom project.

Real-estate Personal Shopper

If you want to buy a property, house, commercial space, office or site and we don’t have it in our product portfolio, we’ll seek it and if you prefer we’ll make a custom project for you.

If you have chosen the property you wish to purchase, our team will advise and follow you to make you buy with confidence.

What’s the condition of the property you’re going to buy? We can make a technical report of the property: current status and possible pathologies (concrete fever, state of the building ...).

The consulting department can also confirm details of possible charges of the property and estimate future expected service charges (possible community renovation works, etc.).

Investing in Barcelona

We manage property investment for small and big investors. We may offer rented or empty buildings in Bacelona. We also have urban land in Barcelona and other town in Catalonia.

We have properties for sale with a nice yield, ideal for family offices.

Contact us if you are looking for properties in or around Barcelona.