Owner: sell or rent?

If you’re owner, we help you in managing your assets. Is it advisable to sell or rent your property? Depending on the needs of each owner, we deal with the property marketing or with the lessee searching.

We have a wide portfolio of national and international clients.

  • Sale of properties

    We value your flats, commercial spaces, sites, offices in Barcelona and surroundings. We take care of advertising at national and international level in order to achieve the sale of your properties.

  • Rent of apartments or other kind of properties

    We study the profitability you can get for your apartment and carefully select candidates for leasing your property without problems.

  • Commercial management

    • Potential lessee selection. Reports. Additional guarantees assessment.
    • Rental agreement drawing-up.
    • Advice on hiring insurance: house, safe rental, etc.
  • Administrative management

    • Rent receipts issue: collections management. Incomes revision.
    • Endorsements and additional guarantees management. Deposits in INCASOL.
    • Rental agreements renewal. Waivers and settlements.
    • Receipt of records and payment of condominium fees.
  • Maintenance

    The architecture department will be responsible for the inspections on the status of the property and for the coordination of the maintenance or required preventive actions.

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